Thursday, April 18, 2013

Backyard Battle: Saga of the Satanic Squirrels

As a recent diversion from 3D model building I began to photograph birds in the backyard, luring them with bird feeders.  However, the local squirrel population had a different plan.  This short video chronicles my squirrel frustration.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cafeteria - Hercules Powder Company

The Hercules Powder Company Cafeteria is believed to have been built in the 1940s, some 20 years after the Hattiesburg plant opened in 1923. Although it was initially built as a cafeteria, over the years it reportedly contained a barber shop, a commissary, a pool hall, and even a one-lane bowling alley. The architectural style has been described as Streamline Moderne, a later evolution of Art Deco.  Streamline Moderne includes ship-like features such as porthole windows, curved corners, and railings, all of which can be observed on this building. The building has been unused for several years, and has fallen into disrepair, however, this model has attempted to restore the building to what is believed to be a close estimation of its original appearance.